Need window overlay!

Annnnddddd I’m back!! I usally try to figure stuff out on my own but why should I… that’s why the forums are here!!
Anyways I was wondering if anyone has or could make me a window overlay for this background:

and doing whatever else is needed to have a character looking through a window to see people in the cafe.

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Does this work?

It’s a little uneven, the lines. I can fix it?

its fine! thank you! how would i use it though? like how would the people be in the window?

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You’d have to use spot directing/layers and all that fun stuff.

@JemU776, @Dara.Amarie, or @Apes are pretty good with that stuff—way better than me.

luckily im good with spot directing n layers hehe, thank you!

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No problem!!

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hi! can you please cut out everything out of the picture except the frame of the window? thank uuuu

Thanks for the tag! Hi, you need to make that background into an overlay, the window(s) into one (glass and all without any background visible) and the background that you want to show you would put into your scene so that appears behind the window.

thank you so much!! this was a perfect explanation :slight_smile:

No problem :blush:

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