Need windows to give off a night effect

Hey there!

So I love this episode background:

But it doesn’t have a night background. Yes I could use the overlay EFFECT DIM 60 from Episode to make it night but it doesn’t quite give off the effect I’m looking for.

So what I need is for the 4 windows (all of them) to be nighttime. I would very much appreciate it and give credit.

Thanks for stopping by!

Like this?

Like kind of dark blue, showing clouds, maybe some of the moon shows, sorry if it’s too much :sweat_smile:

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Not at all, let me see

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I LOVE it, I can use that when it’s night and there’s a storm.

But the blue color I’m looking for looks like this:

Like the same kind of color above this house.

Sorry im asking for too much :sweat_smile:

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I can do that.

Thanks :smile:

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Is this okay

Oh my gosh, that is perfect, thanks you rock and you’re awesome! :kissing_cat:

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Thanks and No Problem :kissing_heart:

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@Sydney_H may you close this topic, please and thank you? :cake:

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: