Need writer help urgently not co-writer!

Hello, All love.

I need a writer who is not having any problem with the portal. Cause I have a problem just like say here Episode Portal is error for me! - #50 by AlinaGreeks so I need some to create for posts. If anyone can do it for free pls say. I will PM you the whole plan. My Instagram: @/__.iam.ana. __

With All Love,
Alina :tipping_hand_woman:t2:

You are from Greece?

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Have you checked it with love interests to see if it works on both the computer and the phone you are playing Episode?

go see this video tutorial :SEXUALITY - LET READERS CHOOSE | Episode Limelight Tutorial 23 - YouTube
And let me know if it help you.

I don’t understand

No, I don’t have any script problems. It was a bug


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