Need writing partner/ coder

I want a writting partner please tell me anyone interested we can share credit and have two open one common instagram account
If interested let me know :blush:
Instagram account- ashnoor350

I haven’t decided story yet, but I want to write one

helllooooo I’m down to help :))

Are you new in this and we can talk on instagram

haha writing with someone yes, but other than that no.

Dm me on instagram

Have you dm me on instagram

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We will share equal credit and I want a coder and if you are new in this no problem I want to make a fantasy story btw

Message me if you want
And we can make with your style and themes also no problem at all


I can help :blush:

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Are you on instagram


ashnoor350 dm me on instagram
If you want to help but I didn’t think the story if you have any idea :joy: so you can tell

i dm yhuuu

Want outfit styler for my story
It’s a fantasy story
4 characters to style
Full credit

I want a coder also

Instagram account- epi.ashwrites
Dm me if interested

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I can do outfit styling and simple coding!:heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Thanks :blush:

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I want outfit styler fory story
You have to style 4 characters
I will give you full credit on instagram and episodes

I want a coder also
It’s fantasy story
Get full credit


if you need help with any of it i could hepl… lol but im not a coding pro

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I can do the styling!

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You both can dm me on instagram

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