Need your help for my story! (As soon as possible pls)

Hi sorry if I’m not in the right place again :frowning: :sob: :pensive:

But I need your help guy!

So I decide to write a story and I will need your help for the character!

So it’s LL character!

So, I have a character that I made but the rest will come from you! With only certain criteria that I would like to have for the characters …

So this is my character. Her name is Aya she have 21 years old and in her head she is the most beautiful girl in the world she want everything that she love and she want a lot of kids.

So for the next character, I want two shy teenager, a girl and a boy. I wish they were quite handsome but shy at the same time.

After I want some kids in total I want 10 kids, 5 girl and 5 boy. I want the girl to be very cute and the boy to be some gentleman.

Then, I want some couple…

For the first couple I want them to be black and very cute.

For the second couple I want them to be like a star.

For the third couple I want them to look like some nerd.

After I want some twins!

I want 1 girl and 1 boy kids.
I want 2 boy kids
I want 2 girl kids
I want 2 girl adult
I want 2 boy adult
I want 1 girl and 1 boy adult

That’s it for now if u got question ask me thanks and have a good day!

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And find them some name too pls

I can help! Check out my character/outfit shop:

Ok I will go check thanks

I can make you up to 20 since I have no other requests at the moment. :two_hearts: :two_hearts:
You don’t need to fill out the form since you wrote everything here.
I’ll try to get them done by tomorrow.

Oh I will need them for today… :frowning:

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Okay… I can try. :two_hearts: :two_hearts: Is it okay if I make all the characters today and do the outfits tomorrow?
Outfits take me forever. :roll_eyes:

i can help if you still need it

Hi which character u want to do??

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Sorry but I would like to have it all done before tonight… :frowning:

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i can do anyone you need

U can choose some in my first message

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can i do the black couple and some kids if thats all right

Sure! Just respect my details pls ans thanks u

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sure thing

Okay, I’m sorry that I couldn’t be of any help. :two_hearts: :two_hearts:

It’s ok

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tell me when u have finish pls :slight_smile:

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hey i can help if u want