Need your help for promoting my story

Instagram… Twitter… The forums.
Look for threads for like ↓

  • Promote your story.
  • Read for read.
  • Review your story.
  • Story recommendations.
  • Story suggestions.

It’s up to you on how you promote your story. The forums has a large audience. You just have to be patient. Why don’t you make a thread and post updates and sneak peaks about your story?
You won’t get a lot reads over night. Trust me.

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it is very hard to get people to read your story. i can barely get people to read mine unleash it is read for read. despite have gotten it promoted on instagram. and had a bunch of rewiew. evryone who has read it told my story was even though it is a clichi.

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Yes I know this is the problem , we write story and promote them but still it is not seen by people

Yes I even tried Instagram , I guess the cover of the story matters

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yeah it is hard. all you really can do is write and do r4r.

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Yeah and there’s no guarantee even if you read their story they will read yours

On other platforms where I upload my same story I got 110 views in just an hour . It all about whether it’s seen by people or not


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but i will say i have been pretty good to make people see it by posting it a lot. but i barely can get anyone to read it unleash it is r4r.

Would you like to do r4r at least we can help each other and will share screenshots

sure can do that.

this is mine

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Lol I have the same thing, I’ve been promoting my story and I’ve asked for reviews but I barely ever get reads unless it’s r4r, I barely get any reads when I publish new chapters

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I’m reading Love you NOT. Check it out:

Let’s help each other by r4r

by anja J

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Yes you can start reading my story Tom if you want as I will read tomorrow as it is night here

Sure! Send a link to your story?

I have already look at it once. I may know why it dont get reads. it is not very good in spot directing,

I know it’s hard to be new. like my first one suck in that department. and the dialogue is not good too and the plot is boring and the same you have seen a million times.

I am will honest and say dont expect this story to be popular.

are you writing on mobile?