Need Your Help!

Hi everyone! I have a few things to ask, bare with me please!

  1. Has anyone ever done art profile pictures, if you have and would like to help out please send me a direct message.

  2. What would you love to see in a drama romance story?

  3. If given the choice would you rather read a romance drama or a horror/mystery story?

  4. Also, would 3 seasons containing 10 episodes each be too much for a story? Then would you rather have a story that is 5-10 minutes in length or 20-30 minutes?

Thank you for reading till the end! I really appreciate it!

P.S - looking for a co-writer and idea helper, please let me know by replying here or sending me a private message.

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  1. Not very good at art haha so no sorry.
  2. A story that isn’t too cliche. And I prefer the cute romance stories with some comedy.
  3. A romance drama because I’m a scaredy cat, but neither are my fav genre.
  4. I think that’s a good amount for a story. I’d rather have a story where episodes are 5-10 minutes.

Hi Nathaniel!

  1. Nope. Sorry.

  2. A cute, not 100% predictable storyline.

  3. Depends on the plot. Romance drama or mystery is both great, horror not so much.

  4. I think 10 episodes is ok. I prefer shorter episodes like 5-10 minutes.

Good luck with your story.

Thank you for your feed back! It helps me a lot!

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Thank you for your feedback! It helps me a lot.

Best Regards,

  1. No I am editor not an artist
  2. A cute bond between the LI and MC, no unnecessary drama between them.
  3. Romance/drama as I only read romance
  4. Depends what you fit into them (you don’t want it to drag) but for time 5 - 10 minutes is a really good time as you don’t want to bore readers.

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