Need your opinion about my new story!

Hey there authors! I have just started working on a new story and I would love to hear your thoughts about it!
Zantenia is a small European country ruled by a kind and respected king and his beautiful queen. The king and queen were happy and loved each other more than anything else in the world. Their only desire was to have children, which they couldn’t. They decided to adopt twelve children who would immediately become their heirs. 7 years later, the king dies in a terrible accident. When the children turn 18, they leave Zantenia in order to attend university. All except Alessandra ( main character and first in line to the throne ). She stays back to be with the sick queen. In just a few years the queen is in her deathbed and Alessandra’s coronation is just a few months away. Scared, devastated by her stepmother’s death and lonely ,she decides it’s time for her stepsiblings to come back. But what happens when Alessandra’s life is threatened by a mysterious murderer? Will she be able to discover his identity before it’s too late? and, most importantly, could the killer be someone closer to her than she thinks?


I would definitely read!

Sounds pretty interesting, but you need to have strong reasoning for a royal couple to adopt 12(!) kids. Plus the part with all of them becoming heirs is a bit unclear for me. Can you please explain it?

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Thanks so much for your feedback! The king and the queen don’t have any alive family members. Their dynasty has to continue to rule, so they adopt a lot of children in case anything bad happens. Or… maybe they knew about something. But their royal title isn’t “heir to the throne”. They are Dukes, Duchesses, Counts and Countesses etc.

thank you so much!

Oh, my pardon, I read it a bit wrong but now I understand. There are 12 of adopted kids who are nominated as heirs in established order by law or custom. And they are granted with titles. Ok, that makes sense :ok_hand:
I thought that 12 children will be just standing in a throne queue and waiting for the lucky chance :joy:

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I wouldn’t let that happen lol :joy:

In any way that’s an interesting idea, I will be glad to read it. I wish you inspiration and patience.

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love it! :two_hearts:

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