Need your opinion on my character

I want you’re opinion with tips on how to make her a better character. so if you don’t like her please explain why that way I can make changes

This is Kim

this might be Kim in the LL version of my story it depends if episode adds some new features which will fit Kim better

full name: Kimberly de Boer
age: 17
nationality: Dutch/ american
speaks: dutch and english
hobbies: fenching, studing, gaming, annoying her older brothers, reading episode stories, horror
dislikes: gang stories, skirts, heels, people who tell her what to do, bad boys, PS4

Now I don’t know what else to add maybe you know something?

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I personally LOVE THEM!! They are very pretty and unique💕

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yess nederlandse squadd :joy::joy:

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ik vind alleen de wenkbrouwenbij de ll een beetje te dik maar dat kan ook gwn ik zijn met mn preciesheid :joy:

ze horen ook dik te zijn dat was precies wat ik wilde :joy:

ohw als dat t doel was vindt ik ze leuk :joy::joy::joy:

hahah ja :joy::joy:

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So good bubufiwbaf hfuoniabu?

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hehe thx!

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