Need your opinion on my first idea's for my primary story!

Hello everyone! :grin:
I’m a faithful reader of episode stories for a loooong time now and because of this I decide to write my own story. I saw many videos on youtube and get informations on instagram and other platforms. There are so many helpful postings and pictures. :face_with_monocle:
I made sooo many notes for my story and I’ve made a plan how my story should be! Of course I read the topics: What we DON’T want to read on episode and all these chliches… That was really helpful!
I try to write my story cliche free as possible.

Now to my REAL issue:
(I hope it works like I planned it … :sweat_smile: AND I’m not telling too much)
My story will be a mystery story. I think there are not enough stories in this genre!
I planned a lot of interesting charakters. Of course there are boy’s and love interests but It’s not like they’re just meet and marry tomorrow… It would be more realistic!
And all of these characters are kind of MC’s and everyone has a story that is told over time in my story.

The story revolves around a murder case that has a big effect on the life of one of the MCs.
I planned some new characters I want to add time after time and each new person opens up a new story related to the main story.
I try that the reader can build a bond to each of the characters and so get to know the story from all angles. In order to achieve this, I plan to vary the POVs during some chapters so that the reader can visit different places and people at the same time.

Unfortunately, I have not started writing because I would like to translate it into English first.
But I would like to hear your thoughts on my plans and what I can possibly do differently.
I know I have not yet given many details, but would you like the story until now and would you possibly read it? :thinking:

I have not read a story like this so far. That’s why I ask the community for advice.

I hope you’ve read down here and I want to thank you! :woman_technologist::blush:

Best wishes from Germany!


I totally agree with you about mystery being such an unpopular genre. I love how you’re including everyone’s back stories throughout the book because most Episode books don’t do that. I absolutely love your plan, by the way. I think everything is good so you can start writing. I would read it!

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Hey @kimberlyclarc !!

I think that your story sounds awesome! It’s also pretty cool because I speak German myself- hallo!
I’m a huge mystery buff so I think that your story would definitely catch the eye of many who also like that genre. I also like that you’re setting love to the side a little bit- that will make your story a lot more unique. A suggestion I would make is to plan out the story of the murder (the background plot that the actual story is based on) ahead of time, so that when you begin writing, it makes more sense and it will be easier to formulate a story (I hope that made sense).
Emma :slight_smile:

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Totally love how your story goes :wink: and totally agree that their are few mystery stories , but I thaught I read that basic idea in one of Kayla stories , as I remember it was --> Dead 7
Hope your’s is not like that , but I may be wrong
Write what you like, because it’s yours
Listen others opinions, and make yours

Seeing forward to read your story😉

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Thank you for your opinion! :slightly_smiling_face:
I watch many series, as specially mystery series on netflix and I like the way the actions are build and how I feel connected and able to identify with the characters.
I think about pretty exciting twists throughout the story.

Thank you again! That means a lot to me, especially since I was getting a bit unsure. :sweat_smile:

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Hallo @emmael ! :smiley:

That’s soo cool to meet someone from Germany.
I really hope the readers will like the story as much as I do. Even if it’s still in my head right now!
I like to read romantic stories on episode, but in my story it’s really more in the background. It’s an important part, but it’s not my main focus. :woman_technologist:

I have already noted some ideas for the murder case… they often come to me in between. It is planned that the murder was already about a year ago, but will be worked up again due to certain events in the story.
But really thank you for your suggestion! I think I have to overthink some points in my notes.

Thank you again for your opinion! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @24aya :smiley:

Thank you for your tip with the story “Dead 7”.
I read some words a few minutes ago and I have to say that you are right. The idea is a bit the same, but I plan my different POV’s a bit longer. That a POV of a character for example might also runs over one or two chapters.

Thank you again for your anwer! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey, @kimberlyclarc!

I think you story sounds very interesting! As a hardcore lover of the mystery genre, I’m definitely excited to read it, so don’t forget to let me know once it’s out. :wink:

If you need any help, especially with those translations, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Good luck! :revolving_hearts:

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Hello @aprilish ! :blush:
Oh wow thank you for your positive answer! I’ve been very unsure lately, but now my self-esteem is increasing. :muscle:
Of course, I also plan to open an Instagram account to keep everyone up to date!

Thank you for your great offer! Since this is my first story, I will surely accept it! :blush:

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That’s awesome!

I’m excited for it to come out! :slight_smile:

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