Need your story reviewed?

msking a writing group wanna join posting it right now

Hey Gabi do you wanna work on oír story tommorow



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Hey! Could you maybe read mine? I just published 4 chapters and just want to see if my writing style is ok because I’m a bit nervous lol x_x

Name: The Di Salvo Family
Genre: Drama
Author: Jessica


Yes! Please check out my writing group I made!

How can I get to the writing group?

My story is called Alleyway! Just released, I would really appreciate you helping spread the word<3

feed back would be great, i need the opinions so I can improve my writing:) let me know what ya think.

I would love for my story to be reviewed :slight_smile:

I’ll send the link

Ok I will

Ok just send it to me in PM


Just fill out the form!

Hi, I would like my story reviewed please.
Name: Tainted
Description: When famous musician, Alissa Violet says yes to a life changing question, her life takes a drastic turn, would it make or break her?
Author: Jaira.burns or Prisillia
Instagram: Jaira_episodexx
Genre: Romance/ drama

ok i will it will be done tomorrow

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: The mermaid’s love

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Do you need me to read it