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I have full family CC inside of my story. now what should I do right now ?

  • end the episode (so make episode 1 only about CC)
  • continue writing (give some story in the first episode)

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alright so continue writing is on top xxx :relaxed::relaxed:

Tbh, if I read a story, and I spent 20 minutes customising everyone, then I realised that I have to waste a pass in order to see what the story is about, I would exit and not read it ever again.
NEVER EVER Leave the first chapter without a story. It’s your only chance to convince the readers to stay.

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Better add some story, it’s annoying as hell when you start reading a story that looks cool, but the first chapter is nothing but customization. Sometimes the story sounds so cool I spend a pass, but sometimes I just leave the story, and it’s definitely disengaging.
But you can make it just as well the other way around, so do what you like :heartpulse:

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