Needed a new writng partner for my story please!

Hello. I am Kalinda. I am going to make a story and I hope to have a writing partner to make the story better. The story is about a new girl in the Ravenwood Academy and she’s as enchanting as she is mysterious. Things are getting weirder and fill with magic around her. Is Hazel really who she seems? If you are interested, reply below or contact me in intagram (kalinda.episode) or at gmail ( Thanks!

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I’d love to help.

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OMG thank you! How can we start? (I am new at this thing)

Im interested as well

Ok cool. The more the better

Do you know how to start? (cause I’m new to this stuff)

my instagram is MystikLunaa


Do you have a gmail account?

yes it is

Thx. I will DM you

I invited you on Hangout. Reply to me if you see the message.

I have an email too. And I can give you ideas on how to start.
I also have a story that’s free to use.

Can you tell me your email address?

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Okay, I will add you to hangout now.