NEEDED: Artists & Editors

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I can do overlays if you still need them

Hey I am a commissioning artist who can do overlays and bgs and also art scenes and covers if you are interested please let me know!

Hello. Unfortunately, I cannot pay :grimacing:.

Are you doing backgrounds for free or paid?

I do bg free but it can depend on how advanced it is :blush:

Advanced in what way?

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The amount of detail need like for a nightclub for example if there lights and silouettes that is not that advanced but if it like a night club with lights, silouettes and a bar with drinks that is advanced

Look, i can help you out, you can check my art and prices on instagrma @mk.digitalillustrator

hi honey, if you still need help, i am available



I can make overlays if you have an image you want an overlay out of.
Iā€™m not world class or anything but let me know! :smiling_face: