Needed Backgrounds for my story Pls

Needed dance floor bgs home


@Eri_wrights Hope this also helps


Hello @Amelia_epi
I’m just wondering where are the examples?

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Hey! Glad you made your own outfit shop, but I can clearly tell this is copy and pasted with modifications from my own outfit shop. I’d appreciate a little credit since it took a few days to put it all together. It’s also a little disrespectful since you asked me to make you a few when you decided to open your own and waste my time. But anyway, good luck with it.

Hey thats not what I really did. Actually I deleted my story and started this because Making a story is really difficult. I needed some points so I took them from urs I am really sorry

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Alright…But it’s 100% copy and pasted, and all I’m asking for is credit since it took time, love-

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If u need help u can ask me for u no need credit. And I have already sent a personal message about asking May I help in making ur outfit long time ago. U did not reply about it so I started a new shop
Hope u r not mad at me

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I actually did reply to that message, it says “17 days ago” if you don’t believe me. No I’m not mad. And don’t worry about it, thank you (: