Needed Cover for upcoming story!

I’m working on a story and I need a cover for it :sunflower:

Story is going to be an INK version.
Please leave an example of your work so I could see what style does fit the most.
I will message you the details.
Needed small AND large covers.

Thanks a LOT!!!


editied or drawn?

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Sorry I’m new… so… how big is the difference between them?

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For example, Episode story UN-DEAD has drawn cover and story The Vacation has editied. (you can see them on episode app)


Drawn would be nice :slight_smile:
Can you do the small one?
If yes I’m going to send you more information about it

i’m sorry but i can’t make drawn covers :((

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Oh okay. thanks still for trying :disappointed_relieved:


I can try

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yay i will message details later

Hey if you ever need a cover u can contact me! check this thread out:

Here are the covers (not so good with the drawing one oops)