Needed: Covers & Backgrounds for MC story

Hi, I need someone to make me both small and large covers for the Missed Connections story contest. I do not have the details of the characters at this moment but I will give you more information as I begin the story writing process.

Some things to note:
• The story will be in ink style
• The genre will be romance

I also need someone to make me backgrounds. I would need backgrounds and made before January 20th. Please show me some of your best backgrounds that you have made below.

If you can help me out by making small and large covers, please show me some of your covers… preferably the best covers you think you have made.

How I can pay you:
• Recognition in my story every time I use your backgrounds by using readerMessage function. (Your Instagram account can be used here)
• Shoutout on my Instagram: @mindy.stories

I can’t wait to see what you show off :slight_smile:

I can

Covers as well or backgrounds only?


Can I see some examples? I saw 3 of your backgrounds but would like to see more if that’s okay?

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Ps I’m about to go to class so I can reply later. But will you still be here at 4


If I do decide for you to make me backgrounds, would there still be a watermark in your backgrounds? I would like to have no watermarks if possible. You would be getting credit with the options in my original post.

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Uh, hi Mindy! It’s been a while. I hope you’re doing alright.
For your message to @AMagic about the watermark removal, I would check out this thread to see why watermarks are important in any piece of art. Have a good day/night.:smiley:

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The only reason I’m asking is because…

A lot of background creators put huge watermarks in their backgrounds for authors to use, and many authors typically don’t like that. The way I’ve read some stories, the author has used readerMessage which is a pop up message that appears when the author writes it in the script… this is how I intend to do credits for backgrounds used. However, if the background creator like @AMagic for example, makes her watermark smaller and faded, I have no problem with that.

If the watermark is faded and made smaller, I have no problem using @AMagic’s backgrounds or @AMagic can choose not to use watermarks and get credited by my Instagram and/or within the story every time a background of @AMagic’s is used by again, readerMessage. This will how it will show: Credit to AMagic for the use of this background, AMagic’s Instagram is: …

That message above ^ will be used every time I used @AMagic’s background if they choose to not have watermarks…

@ForumAdmin @Jeremy @Sydney_H please close this thread. Thank you!

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