NEEDED DESPERATELY: someone to help/collab with someone totally clueless about background art


I’m pretty new to the writing portion of episode and totally new to the forums so forgive me if this is in the wrong category or whatever.

I have a new idea for a story totally planned out basically episode by episode but the setting of the story is mostly very castle/palace based and episode doesn’t have that much availability for royal backgrounds in the art forums.

Some backgrounds I will need include:

  • Different hallways (A LOT OF DIFFERENT HALLWAYS. I may need ones set on fire or damaged as well for one part.)
  • A throne room
  • King/Queen’s chambers
  • two different guest rooms (for a duke and his son)
  • a royal meeting room
  • a hotel room (needed right away for first episode and should be kind of uncomfortable looking) and a lobby and hallway to go with it
  • orphanage outside view

I also will less urgently need (but can find if I have to):

  • Three different bedrooms for love interests
  • orphanage room
  • living rooms or other parts of homes for love intrests

If you are willing to either co-author the story (and do all the art like an illustrator or something) or help me make a specific background I would be EXTREMELY grateful. Anyone who makes a background will be credited in the story.

I am happy to give more details if asked about a specific background.


I recommend @lanafrazer_episode. She makes amazing medieval/fantasy backgrounds. You should check her backgrounds! I think she even has a thread for it or you can request.


thank you so much I will look


No problem!


@CinnamonToast is the queen but if she isn’t doing it DM me on instagram if you’d like @madison.epi_gold.


I don’t really have instagram (lamest teen ever I know). Do you have skype, discord or wattpad?


No sry, uhhhhhhh you can pm me through her. I’d have to do em tomorrow as school night 2nite