Needed extras (limelight)

Hey there!
I’m in need of both girl and boy extras for my story called The Sacrificed. It’s a futuristic society, but no super advanced tech in case you were wondering. I need athletic outfits :slight_smile:
You can tell me their names and sexuality


here you go!
hope this helps! :white_heart:

athletic outfit for LL female

2020-05-15 (5)

  • here are my character details if you want to use!
  • note: feel free to change anything if nessacery!
LL character details

  • in order.

  • female 1: straight (roxana)

  • male 1: straight (erik)

  • female 2: bisexual (gianna)

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Sexuality: Straight

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Sexuality: Straight
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Thank you so much!
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Thank you!
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Character: Hermione Cabrera
Sexuality: Pansexual


Body Type: Female Athletic Body

Default Outfit
  • Thin Silver Hoop Earring
  • Detention Leggings
  • Detention Boots
  • Leather Ring Necklace Leather Grey Black
  • Diamond Cutout Strap Thin Cotton Black
  • Detention Jacket Floral
Athletic Outfit
  • Backwards Baseball Flat Lid Cap Cotton White Navy
  • Jogger Sweatpants Tie Waistband Khaki Grey Black
  • Sports Bra Cotton Black
  • Compas Rose Arm Tattoo Ink Multi Color
  • Chunky Sneakers Leather Black

Thank you 0_sara_rose_0
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Love it!
Would you like credit?

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Yes, credit me as @cheesybaconpizza (episode) :ok_woman:

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Nah, I’m good!!

On my IG account

Heres my character feel free to change anything and any outfit is fine
Credit @madeline.episode23 (Instagram)
Name: Madeline

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Here’s mine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Sexuality: Straight

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Thank you so much! Do you want me to credit you?

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no problem and no it’s okay! but if you would like, you can credit my forum username! :white_heart:

You don’t need to :hugs: but if you would like, you can credit my IG @theangsheng_eps


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