Needed Help for Background


I need some help. I need someone to make me a background that has an aesthetic vibe to it. In the corner, a silhouette of someone flying away and above it, it says “flyhighwrites”. If you can please reply and soon! Thanks!


I thought someone already made you one on a different thread when you asked for a Mary poppins style


I can help you though


Yeah that was my friend, we’re sharing an account so we needed two different ones. If you could help that would be great!


Oh ok and I will help you :two_hearts::two_hearts:




No problem text me the details


I just want a background, any background it just has to be aesthetic and all, with the little thing in the corner. Nothing else! :grinning:


Oh ok


I draw digitally… I’d be more than happy to do a cover for you, only cuz i’m stuck on what to draw rn and that sounds fun, :slight_smile:


If you could, I was needing a profile picture!


No prob, message me the details.




Here you go


Thank you so much!


No problem, happy to help. :two_hearts::two_hearts: