Needed INK characters

I need INK characters for my story, leave ur deets down below with a outfit (optional) and let me know what role u want.

Mom & Dad:



Background characters:

Love interests friends:

Main characters friends:

Love interests sister:

The queen:

The characters


Love interest:

Well here’s my character

(The outfit doesn’t matter you can choose it)

The role If it’s possible for her to be the MC friend? If not you can pick her role doesn’t really matter

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Name : Roy
Body : Toffee
Eyebrow : Seductive arch
Eyes : Upturned bold ; Colour : Blue
Nose : Redefined
Lips : Classic ; Colour : Ruby
Face : Oval
Hair : High Ponytail ; Colour : Auburn

Love interest’s sister

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@Sydney_H close this please, thank you!

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Do you still need some chars ?

no, sorry i’m making them myself

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Okay ! No problem !

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Do you still need characters?

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She’s making them …


Closed by OP request. :smiley: