Needed PROOFREADER for my Story

Hey, I’m about to release chapter 4,5,6 of my story "THE CURSED MATCHMAKER’’ and I’m looking for a FREE PROOFREADER, don’t worry i will CREDIT YOU on my story.


Ps: i do R4R too

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Hello, I’m a proofreader! You can check my thread for more info:

I’ve proofread for over five stories so far and I’m fluent in English. I’ll also give you my honest opinion on the story, and I will tell you if there are any mistakes + how to fix them. If you’re interested, check out my thread and PM me :heart:

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Can I proofread?
I’m good at English and I did proofreads for many people!
So if you’re comfortable with me being a proofreader for your story do let me know:)
Hope you have a good day/night!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Not sure I’d be a good proof reader but you mentioned R4R… I’m good at those :wink::rofl::rofl: let me know if your up for doing one with me xx

I can proofread for you if you like but sometimes I might be busy as I have school n’ stuff. Pm me if you’re still in need of a proofreader :smiley:

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