Needed School Backgrounds!

Hello everyone! I’ve been on Episode for a couple years now and have just recently started becoming a writer directing my own story! I recently just started writing on the forums page as well. I was just wondering if anyone here has some school interior backgrounds they would like to share? If it’s alright, may some background editors let me know what programs they use to edit? I would like to make some of my own edits one day that way I wouldn’t like to burden other background artists (trust me, they work very hard on their backgrounds). If anyone has any backgrounds or would like to share knowledge on how to make backgrounds, please reply! Thank you! :smiley:

Hi! What I do is use images from , , , and many more! You want to use images that are public domain and non copyrighted. I use Corel, which has many photo and paint editing softwares. I use it because my dad already purchased it a while ago. After I do editing with that, I use fotosketcher or . There are many other ways to do so, and click this link for how to create your own custom backgrounds. This link will show you where you can get copyright free images. I will see if I can make a background for you!

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Hey Brooke! Thanks so much for your reply! :grinning:


Ok this is turning out a lot harder than I thought xd do you just want to use some episode ones? Or do you want like a custom one

they have alll these availible

Personally I would just like edits of the Hallways one! For both Interiors!

image image these two?

What would you like edited? Color, lockers, etc.?

Yep! Those two! I wanted the locker color to possibly be changed to grey as well as POSSIBLY change the flooring pattern to wood. If that’s too difficult you don’t have to change the floor of it! Also add some more decoration to the hallways if you’d like! You have full artistic freedom as to how you’d like the hallways to looks!

Sounds good! Will work on tomorrow!

Thank you so much! As well as possibly change the wall color to a darker color (Brown, Black, Grey)? Whatever is easiest for you!

i know this has already been answered, but you can download an app called ibis paint x. It’s mainly for art but there are backgrounds you can use on there. Just download it, click “my gallery”, click the little plus sign on the bottom left corner, and choose the size of your canvas. I use ibis paint because you can type in what size you want - this is helpful as episode has specific sizes for specific backgrounds. Once you have chosen the size, click on the picture icon on the top right corner, then scroll down until you find a folder called “anime backgrounds (color)” click on it and it has many backgrounds you can use! There are tons of school backgrounds too.

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@Taurielly, I really don’t want to reprimand you here, but I recognize one belonging to @abygail.bauman and I think one of them might belong to Shelly.G. I don’t think they would want you sharing their own backgrounds around. I don’t know the other one but proper credit must be given to the owners who have worked hard at editing these backgrounds.

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If it were like you said, it wouldn’t be in google

I’m very confused by what you mean. Could you further elaborate? Google works by linking things you search up (keywords), and by looking at the image, you can’t tell if it’s commercially free or not, but usually it’s on the website. That’s what I said.

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The last one is mine, and in the last one, I specify that IT IS NO CREDIT because my thread is NO CREDIT as I say it. The other threads don’t say so.
For the first one, Shelly G replied to the background, People wouldn’t have known, and on that thread, that person was asking to know who it was made for.
Yes, I know that the person posted these backgrounds, but because they needed it for something, they didn’t mean to put it so people could just take it and say, here are some school backgrounds, and not get credit for it.

Hey! Thanks for your input! :smiley:

Hey Cinnamon(Omg I love your work)!

Thanks for your input on the credibility with ShellyG. I will not be using any of the edits above that are her’s. But I do love your background edits! Much love and thank you for clarifying!

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