Needeing a spot template for my karaoke bar scene

Ok I’m still having trouble placing my background characters in a scene at a karaoke bar. Help please

What do u exactly need? :slight_smile:

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I can also help, whats the problem?:slight_smile:

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Ok I need to place the karaoke hosts behind the mc. That’s on stage singing then I need to place the xtras around the bar and then I need to have my male mc walk in with is buddies follow and they need to stop in front the stage

I uploaded the background I’m using from the portal

This episode syntax and this coding is frustrating me a bit this is my second story

You need a spot template for karaoke bar?

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Ok how do I get one

Someone can make for you. I can make for you if you want

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Shona4b that would be amazing ty​:star_struck::hugs::kissing::kissing::kissing_heart::heart_eyes:

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