Needing a art cover made *Will pay for one* :)

I will pm the details and such to whoever is interested.


I’m taking Commissions
And here’s are my examples for semi realistic and cartoon style
My IG epii.jessica incase u wanna contact me there

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Check out this art shop for free realistic art :heart:

Hi there.My commissions are currently open.Feel free to check below link for my prices and artwork examples and DM me on IG or send an email if interested.

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HI! Im open for commission, you can dm me on my instagram @zamiraarts. here are some samples:

I kinda try diff artstyle so yeaaaa


Check out this commission Jellishfish's Art Commissions ❀ OPEN ❀ I’m pretty sure you’ll like her art :yay:


Hi i do commissions and i want to help you if you still need it of course :hugs:

Here some samples of my works and you can see if you like my style

Let me know for me it would be a real pleasure working with u :heart:

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Thanks girl for suggest me! @pupplegum
And my commissions are open
This is examples (´ω`)

You can also check out my instagram for more examples


She’s amazing!

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Feel free to dm me there or on IG @emmaj.stories :heart: (It’ll be free or very cheap depending on what u want)

Some Examples:


Hi, can ask to request an art cover for my upcoming story? I really like your work. My request is kind of deatailed. I hope we can work this out. Thank you.


Hey beautiful Idk if it’s too late but my commissions are open :black_heart::white_heart::black_heart::white_heart:


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Hi.I’m glad you like my work. feel free to DM me on instagram as @mystery.artistz or on my email as:

Whichever seems easier

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