Needing a cover for my story

I need an artist to make a cover for my story (The Willow Maiden) and some extra stuff cuz my stupid-ass-brain can’t do anything right.

  • I need someone to make my character cuz I can’t take a proper SS without stuff showing with it
    -> Details of my character:
    -Eyes: Upturned Feline
    -Eyecolour: Emerald green/REALLY bright green
    -Eyebrows: Seductive Arch
    -Hair: Long and kinda curly hair that is around the tree
    -Haircolour: Auburn/Red
    -Mouth: Classic
    -Nose: Upturned
    -Face Shape: Oval
    -Skincolour: Light
    -> Clothes:
    -Green Forest Fairy Dress
    -Hippie Skirt (White)
    If possible Hippie Skirt would be under Green Forest Fairy Dress
    -Simple Leather Choker
    -White Boho Flower Crown
    -> Background:

    -> Animation: idle_sit_ankles_crossed AND FACING idk your choice, choose the one which is better to you

If anyone is going to do this be sure to add your IG name in! I need all the credits to come to the rightful owner.

I also need other kind of covers so message me if you want to do

I’m reaaaally sorry if this post went to wrong place, I still have no idea of this.

If some information isn’t here, please say it to me!

I can help you make a cover but I just have some questions! please contact me on my Instagram, epi_jes101

the post is in the right place, so your good to go.

Good to know.

Alright, will do.