Needing a Partner for drama story!


Hello everyone!

I’m a new writer around Episode, but I’ve been around reading for like, 2 years I think. XD
So I finally decided to start my own story, and I am looking for a partner. What I can tell about the story? well, it’s a vampire’s story, but not common at all! :stuck_out_tongue: It involves much more fantasyand action (and drama) than you may think.

Thank you for the attention!


I would like to help :slight_smile:


I would like to help , in whatever way I can, I’m new too


Cool! I’ll send you a private message soon c:


Cool! Thanks tho <3 I’ll send you a message


If this offer is still available I am interested in improving my skills and helping you write


Lol, I don’t need help. @marciana does though


I apologize I thought that you needed help


I am willing to help. Just PM if you want