Needing a phone screen background?


Sorry this is my first story so if I’m not asking for the right thing correct me. I’m needing a phone screen for my background as if my character is looking at her phone or texting! Thank you!


Episode Diamonds Would Love To Help You!

Already Done Phone Backgrounds

If you use these please credit either @MadisonW or @Episode-Diamonds


I can make one for you! Is there anything specific you would like on the screen?


image Maybe something like this?!


Okay, do you want any text for texting, or any apps?


I’m gonna be using it for text messages so whatever you think would be best!


Okay, here’s just a lock screen. I’m also attaching an example of what I can do with the text. I can generate a conversation over text and put it in the phone as well, if that is what you want.


Those are perfect! For the text screens can you make a couple different ones for me? Where it says friend have one say “Marin” another say “Jaxon” and the last say “Asher”. Your amazing!


Here you go, let me know if I can add any texts between them or change anything on the screen.


Your seriously amazing thank you so much! I wanna give you credit once I publish what would you want me to add it as?!


You don’t have to give me any credit! Just use it well. :blush:


Could you possibly make me a text screen again with just a phone number instead of a name? Just make the number up lol


Here you go!


Thank you!