Needing a proofreader, story is ready to publish but I know I suck at grammar, spelling etc

I’ve been revamping a story for a few months now , and its finally ready. I would like a really good proofreader to help me with grammar, spelling etc.

There’s 3 episodes so far, and each episode is about a 15min read , so if anyone wants to help, its greatly appreciated :heart: thanks

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I could help you! All I’d ask for in return is a shoutout to my instagram (which is the same as my username here) at the end of your story.

I have a proof reading service, if you leave a comment on it my post ill be happy to do it :slight_smile:

Of course, I will credit all proofreaders in my story :heart: If still interested pls message me here or contact me on IG:@janb.stories :heart:

Thank you so much, I will head over now :heart:

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Hey, congrats on finishing your revamp!
I do offer a proofreading service. I focus on everything in the story and give feedback on spelling, grammar, plot, directing etc…

Given that it is a timely task (I go into as much detail as possible for my customers, and discuss further points if needed), I do charge a very small fee.

For more info, and a few comments from past customers, you can check out my thread:

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