Needing an art scene for my story please!


Okay so due to guidelines I have decided to remake this request.
Im going to need an art scene made where my character is holding her throat.
Its going to insinuate that something happened to her but I cant make it known that her throat was cut. I will need her to look extremely scared as well. If your up for it Ill give you the character details as well as the background details.


What do you mean you want her hand on her throat can you explain more


like this but her facial expression would need to be that she is extremely scared


I am not 100% sure I can make it I recommend you asking @abygail.bauman see if she knows how to do it


Do you mean an art scene like this:

Because if so, I can’t do it


I can’t do that


I just reread it and saw that my bad


That’s what I was saying is I can’t do it


Are you willing to pay? Because if you are, I know some good artists as long as you pay them


I dont think I could pay for it the most I can do is give credit. If my story had enough reads that I was making money off of it I would definitely pay for the art but unfortunately it isnt at enough reads for that yet.


If you want, I could try it, if you want an example of an art scene I did, PM me

It doesn’t look that hard to do, so I’ll be able to do it, I’m just not sure if you’ll like my art style or not.


Can you tell me the artist that do commissions?


Are you willing to pay?




So I have a few. Check out this thread I made- I listed the artist’s names, their pricing, how to contact them, and some of their examples.
Thread link