Needing an artsy cover!


So I don’t want to exactly say what it is rn because I don’t want any one stealing my idea. But I hope it won’t be too hard to achieve! After you send me examples I will pm you if I think you can do it. A general idea of what I want is a little girl looking up at a wall (the wall looking like it’s towering over her) with a teddy bear in her arm. It will be a back view of her. I will give you more of a description think you can do it!


I would recommend:

They are all AMAZING artists!!


Thanks for the recommendation!


Can I try?


Yep could I possibly see some examples?


MADI I CAN DO IT pick me pick me pick me


Lmao it’s gonna need drawn btw


Yh I have only one


Sssssss-SPICY! I will pm you now!


I can help!


Can I do a rain Check? @Fazeclan_Lover is doing it but if she can’t could you?




I’m late again


I’m late too