Needing art skills

Hello! I’m just wondering if anyone was interested in making a cover for me.
This is the one that I made, but I’m not at all happy with it.

Here’s the character’s info:

Honestly, any background would work, as long as it’s spoopy, y’know?
And You can do whatever animation, that was just the ones I picked cause it’s the best I can do, lol.
Black haired:
Skin colour: Copper 01
Brow: Round think high
Hair: Long high ponytail (deep brown)
Eyes: Monolid slender (brown-black)
Face: diamond long
Nose: defined natural
Lips: full heart pouty (peach gloss)

Other one:
Skin colour: Neutral 02
Brow: Arch think styled
Hair: Beach Wave hair (Medium brown)
Eyes: Deepset-almond (brown-dark)
Face: diamond
Nose: grecian soft
Lips: full heart pouty (beige rose)

Outfit 1:
Open hoodie white pull hood long sleeved jacket cotton grey black
high waisted pockets slacks polyester grey black
flat lace up sneakers canvas pastel rainbow
Pennys coffee t shirt cotton teal blue

Outfit 2:
Cutout Back Polyester Blue Jungle
Denim Blue Side stitched jeans
Noveau pendant necklace metal silver
heeled close toed ankle boot suede beige pale

I would give credit in every episode, if wanted.

Hey it’s me Jessica please message me