Needing covers!

Hey! Im looking for a very simple cover:
Its just like a manual (book) and it has the title of my story in it.

I was thinkings as this is a very simple cover someone could do me the favor and do it for free?


I can try, send me details.

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Hey, if you still need it done, hereโ€™s a shop
๐•ธ๐–”๐–”๐–“๐–ˆ๐–๐–Ž๐–‘๐–‰ ๐•ฌ๐–—๐–™ ๐•พ๐–๐–”๐–•! {๐•บ๐–•๐–Š๐–“!, ๐•ฑ๐–—๐–Š๐–Š!}

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heyy you can request it here itโ€™s free :sparkling_heart:
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