Needing help adding background characters and layering in the different zonez

Can someone help me I’m not understanding how to code a karaoke bar scene with some of my co-stars but the syntax I can’t word it right

I can help you. Whats the problem?

Well it’s all so confusing. This is my second story but I want to have 2 of my supporting characters on the karaoke stage back far right my my female mc is singing in the stage screen center then my male mc is right of the stage watching her sing

It’s just adding background characters

Do you need a template for karaoke bar scene?

I can help you with it. Let me know if you want it

You need to layer them back. (If I’m right)

@MC moves to layer -5

And then you can place all the others infront them with higher layers (-4 , 0 etc)
If you want them behind the MC need to make that - lower (-6 , -7 etc)

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Ty so much​:hugs::hugs::hugs:

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