Needing Help Choosing My Story Title

Hey, community! :blob_sun:

I need help deciding the title of my story.

Here’s the story description to make it a little easier :


A fierce lady suddenly becomes Javier’s enemy. He is a fearsome mafia lord. Conflicts between the two sides are along the way. Will they be able to withstand the rivalry?

I have 4 options :

  • Scorching Rivalry
  • Rivals in Shadows
  • Fatal Rivalry
  • Blooded Rivalry

I already checked and there are no stories with these names.

Thank you, Maddy.

PS: I also accept suggestions.

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Ohh, I like the second one!

I had an ideas like these:

Tap me

“The Unstoppable Rivalry”.
“Fierce Feuding”.
“The Unending Conflict”.
“The Ultimate Rivalry”.
“Unending Opposition”.
“Never-ending Rivalry”.
“Perpetual Opposition”.
“Everlasting Rivalry”.
“The Unstoppable Feud”.
“The Endless Rivalry”.
“The Perpetual Feud”.
“The Never-ending Feud”.
“The Relentless Feud”.
“The Constant Rivalry”.
“The Eternal Rivalry”.

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Thank you, they’re amazing!

I’ll let you know if I choose any of these :blob_hearts:

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Of course!
Hope everything goes well! 🩶

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I love the second one!

So glad, you could find some titles!

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Second one.
I’d also reword some of the story description…


It’s only my opinion… This part isn’t worded right , it wouldn’t be spoken that way in the English speaking of it.

What should I change then?

A fierce female becomes the nemesis of Javier, a notorious ,brutal mafia lord. Many conflicts arise along the way. Will they withstand this rivalry?

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That’s just the way I would word it, you don’t have to agree.
I just feel the description of a story should be read the way you would actually say it to someone. As in, it should flow more.

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