Needing help with my script

Hi I’m still kinda new at Writting a story, but I’m needing some help in my script, I’m trying to get my character to walk from zone 1 to zone 2 but staying at the same size when my character is walking and the camera is following my character at the same time. Please help, I’m so confused!

Are you using spot directing?

Yes I am!

Ok. To follow your character into another zone, try this:
&pan to zone 2
@PERSON walks to spot (numbers) in zone 2

And to make your character the same size, you have to spot where it’s going. Or did I misunderstand?

If it’s not working, if I misunderstood , or if you don’t understand, please send a screenshot of your problem. :blush:

Yea you misunderstood I’ll send a screenshot!

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My character walks from zone 1 and walks up and then decreases in size. I just want my character to walk at the same height until zone 2 and not decrease in height.

Ok, but can you send a screenshot of your script?

Here’s a screen shot of my script I write my stories on my mobile using Google chrome.

Ooo I see.
It’s actually like I told you the first time.

You have to spot where she is going to go. So first, you find the spotting number of where you want her to end up. I can see that her size number is 1.488, so make sure to use that first.

So it would be like this:
@follow DR SADY to spot 1.488 (and here the spotting position numbers) in zone 2

How do I have DR SADI stay at the same size all the way to zone 2? I’m not understanding sorry!

  1. Give me the spotnumber of where you want DR SADY to end up in zone 2

It’s okay! We have all been there :heart:

Oh okay I see. So how would I write that exactly could you please break it down for me to my understanding I think it would really help.
I understand that I write @DR SADI 1.488 51 14 right? But not sure what comes next to have my character end up in zone 2 in a different spot.

Ok, give me a sec. I will find an example from my own story

Alright I will try that code.

will that have my character stay at the same height?

Her problem is that she doesn’t know how she is going to find the spot that she is walking to.

Oh my god it was on mobile. :joy: I’ve been working on this genius way to explain it with pictures and all, but I thought it was on the computer.

Alright I will try that and see how it will work

But I can see on your pictures that you’re using the same format as a computer.

So if you still don’t understand, I have prepared this little tutorial with pictures. :slight_smile: