Needing help with my script

Yeah I’m still not understanding. I want my character DR SADI to stay at the same size when she walks to zone 2 screen right. Not get shorter in height! In my story she’s supposed to kinda seem like a monster sort of.

You need to spot her offscreen first. And then make her walk to the spot you want :blush:

This is just an example:
@CHARACTER spot % x y
&pan to zone 2
@CHARACTER walks to spot % x y in zone # in s

You can read more about this here if you want :blush::

Yea I would say I skimmed over that before and I was very confused, I need it broken down to understand.

LunaWinter said I would have to use spot directing for where my character begins and ends. Would that apply for this code too?


To begin:

This is how I have spotted my character. And I have the perfect height

As you can see at the bottom of the picture in red, this is my command:

@ISABELLE spot 0.830 96 179

Now… When she is finished walking, I want her to end up here, in zone 2, at the same size:

I read at the bottom of my screen and this is the command:
@ISABELLE spot 0.830 101 201

What I have to do next is making her walk to this exact spot while the camera is following.

In other words I type in the command of the spot I want her to walk to that I figured out here. :arrow_up:
@ISABELLE spot 0.830 101 201
And change it to:
@follow ISABELLE to spot 0.830 101 201 in zone 2

If you just type it like this (Like you did), it will not work:
@follow ISABELLE to screen right in zone 2

She will then lose the previous size and become the standard size of episode characters.

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The follow command doesn’t work when you use spot directing :wink:. You need to change it to:
&pan to zone 2
@ISABELLE walks to spot 0.830 101 201 in zone 2 in 3*

*you can also add time

Ah yes that’s true, I forgot. :sweat_smile:
That’s what I originally proposed as it’s the way I write it, but she only seemed more confused.

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How do you write the @character spot % xy
&pan to zone 2
@character walks to spot % xy in zone # in s.

Can I have an example please with that code using my characters DR SADI.

I’m not understanding what the % means and the xy stands for.

When it comes to the height thing, notice this:

@ISABELLE spot 0.830 101 201

@ISABELLE spot 0.830 101 201
This number changes the size of your character.
The bigger you make the character, the higher number. And opposite with lower numbers

@ISABELLE spot 0.830 101 201
This number makes your character go left and right. The lower number, the more to the left your character will stand. And opposite with higher number, it will stand more to the right.

@ISABELLE spot 0.830 101 201
This number changes the characters placement like this: The higher number, the more will your character be moved towards the top of the screen, and opposite with the lower numbers.

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1. It depends on how big or small you want her to be, and where you want her to end up in zone 2. But here is an example:

&pan to zone 2
@DR SADI walks to spot 0.930 223 129 in zone 2 in 3

2. @CHARACTER walks to spot % x y in zone # in s
And here is what those symbols mean:

% = size of the CHAR (default size is 1.280)
x = X axis (left to right)
y = Y axis (up and down)
zone # = the zone number (1, 2, 3, and sometimes 4)
s = time it take walk between two points (0.1 – infinite)


But you know what…

I think it will be very hard for us to explain these things to you as I can see that you’re struggling with the way we communicate.

I will give you this advice:
Always use spot directing when your character walks to a certain place. If you don’t, it will change size.
Search for Joseph Evans YouTube tutorials on spot directing.
It’s easier like that, with proper demonstration and filming.
Good luck! :heart:


I finally got it yayy! Thank you all for your help I didn’t understand at first because all the numbers were so confussing like doing math problems. But I finally got it, so thank you Alex_98 for breaking that code down for me and I typed it in my script like this:


I took note of where my character walks from and stops at and I also with my character walking to a spot I slowed the camera down at the same speed she stops walking!

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That’s great and no problem! :grin::heart:
(The picture that you provided isn’t showing, at least for me :confused:)