Needing help with my stories


I have been working on a series of stories for over a year now, I am unfortunately getting stuck at what to do next.

The story is not yet on episode although I do plan on publishing it soon.

I’m writing it as a manuscript first before I publish it to episode and that is what I’m struggling with, I don’t really have anybody to ask within my family… So I’m looking for help within fellow authors.

The only problem is I need help with certain aspects of my story to carry it forward, from my ideas in the first stories to the ideas in the next stories.

I’m looking for someone that knows how to expand ideas beyond one point, or to tell me that the idea I’m having wrong ideas for the part of the story I’m writing at.

If you are interested in helping me my IG is mafiastar.episode

Thank you so much :blush: x

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Alright. Ill try to help as best as i can.


Thank you so much

I didn’t think anybody would help me because I put it on last night

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Alright. Wats the first part u need help with.

Well my story is all about a mafia family based in Spain, but I’m struggling with the transfer from family to mafia and back again
Because it’s a short story I’m finding it really difficult

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so its like their like a family but want to be or join a mafia?

This is the description

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Alright. Lets work on yr description.

is it going to be a short stories series seperate or all together.

My description so far is this

This is for the second story (the one I’m stuck at)

After there father has to leave the complex, Santiago and his brother are left to look after there younger sister Andrea.
Giving Rita a chance to break boundaries and see her children for the first time in 10 years away from Alejandro.

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All short stories are separate but 5 in each series

5 when Santiago is 16 meeting his mum
5 when Santiago is 20 meeting his true love
5 when Santiago is 23 when he’s got heartache

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Alright, how about this for the first series of the story. Basically what is your first story going to be about, just give me key words. Like, love, hatred, betrayal, fight, etc.

So I can put it up with yr description just to add on to it,

That’s a good idea

I never thought about that, I don’t think about the big words

I don’t know why :cry:

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It’s ok, u can always use small words if you want to.

I use far too many small words

That’s the problem

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I don’t know what I’m writing :sleepy:

It’s my ideas just not good enough description of it

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okay, what do you want your story to be about. That’s something good to think of first, when your trying to write your plot/description.

The story is all based around the main character Santiago and his family

The plot in the first series is him and his siblings getting to be reacquainted with their mother and be interwoven into the mafia world

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Santiago and his siblings, are reunited with their mother. What will happen when his family is interwoven into the mafia world?

Well that’s where I’m a little lost :rofl:

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