Needing help with overlay directing

Hello there,
I’ve been trying to figure out what’s wrong with this code for a while, but no luck!
&zoom reset
&reset hsl
&INDU spot .802 50 144 in zone 1 AND INDU faces right AND INDU moves to layer 1
&pan to zone 2 in 2
&overlay TEARS create
&overlay TEARS opacity 100%
@INDU walks to spot .802 197 144 in zone 2 in 2 AND INDU faces right AND INDU moves to layer 1 AND INDU does it while walk_exhausted_loop
&zoom on 524 264 to 353% in 1.5 using easeout
@INDU is idle_exhausted_loop
@speechbubble is 171 160 to 104% with tail_top_right
(So tired…)
@overlay TEARS create AND overlay TEARS opacity 100% AND overlay TEARS shifts to 195 302 in zone 2 AND overlay TEARS scales to .046 .046 AND overlay TEARS moves to layer 2
&overlay TEARS shifts to 199 214 in zone 2 in 1.5 using easeout THEN overlay TEARS opacity 0%

The fact is that my overlay isn’t appearing in the right spot even after spot directing it. Rather while previewing it’s in zone 1, not sized, not shifted.
And I am even getting an error message.

If you could please tell me what’s wrong here, it’d be really helpful. Thank you.

I think the problem is in the opacity.

It should be &overlay TEARS opacity 1 in 0 (or whichever time you like)

Maybe if you share the error you’re getting, it might be easier to pinpoint?

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Actually it doesn’t show any error. The overlay just doesn’t move from zone 1. And this code works for other ols. But let me try your suggestion. Thank you.

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I think you also create it twice, but I don’t know how much that would impact the code :sweat_smile:

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try deleting the first &overlay TEARS create &overlay TEARS opacity 100%
you have created the same overlay twice so it’s most likely going to stay at the default spot
Also think its &overlay TEARS opacity 1 like @Nat.Alia said


Thank you, I didn’t realize I created twice.

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Thank you so much.

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