Needing help with size and spot directing


So I am trying to have my character enter from the background, and stay the same size. I am not quite sure how to explain it, so I will insert a picture. He just looks really giant for some reason, even though I want him to be the same size as the King, and in a similar spot. I checked my numbers, and they are correct, so idk why he is appearing in the incorrect size and spot. Here is my code:

@BOY enters from left to screen left
&BOY spot 0.715 87 289

Thanks for any help!!!


First place him offscreen.

&BOY spot 0.715 X 289 AND BOY faces right

Whatever the middle number you get is while he’s offscreen, write that in and leave the other two values-the first and last one alone.

Then write:

@BOY walks to spot 0.715 87 289 in S AND BOY does it while walking_animation

*S stands for a number in seconds (1, 2, etc.) and you’d replace walking animation with one that exists.

A quick run down of spot directing:

@CHAR spot % X Y

% is the height of the character
X is along the horizontal axis, it’s the character going form left to right or right to left
Y is on the vertical axis, it’s up, down

As you can see since X represents the middle number, it’s the character walking from left to right or right to left so you’d only change that.

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This was so incredibly helpful! I can’t thank you enough!! Thank you so much!

I just had one more question about after BOY enters the scene. Right now he’s doing the walking scared animation, but as soon as he reaches his spot, he pops into neutral. How can I leave keep his expression scared after he finishes walking?

Thank you so much again!! Your message was so helpful!

Oops! I didn’t mean to put the word “leave” in that sentence. Typo!

Add it in after to this : )

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Ah! Perfect!! I REALLY appreciate your help!

Thank you so so much!! :grin:

Oh! Also, I had one more question about props!

I was just wondering how to add a piece of food into a character’s hand? I know to use the “holding X food” animation, but I’m not sure how to actually get something into the character’s hand.

Sorry for all the questions! Thank you so much!

Check out this amazing website on props:

From there:
To add a prop to your character:
@add Prop Name to CHARACTER

​To remove the prop from your character:
@remove Prop Name from CHARACTER

Example using the limelight prop Devil Pitch Fork Red (the command works for ink props also):

To add it:

@add Devil Pitch Fork Red to JEM

To remove it:

@remove Pitch Fork Red from JEM

The website page also gives you a list of props to use.

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Thank you so much!! I will check it out now! :slight_smile:

No problem :v: :black_heart: