Needing help writing different races and cultures

My story follows the Life of 5 teens who get transported to a different dimension

Being white myself, I want there to be diversity in my book

We have Michelle who is Mexican

Zoya who is Muslim,

Jacob who is Black

Ethan who is white

Sofia who is Asian

I have done my fair amount of research, but representing these people, I need help. I don’t want to get ANYTHING wrong, WHATSOEVER. Help please?

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You don’t need to freak out about researching about different cultures. Just focus on their personalities and the story will turn out fine :grin:


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Black? Well I don’t know there’s nothing really that can go wrong. Just don’t use any of them as a token character. Meaning give them a purpose besides being there for diversity.


None of them will be a token at any point. And tysm for the feedback!

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That’s all I ask. :slight_smile:

Seems interesting. I’m going to ask some questions if you don’t mind.
I noticed that everybody’s race is mentioned except for Zoya’s. What is theirs?
Also, Asian is a very broad term. Do you have any specific culture in mind for Sofia?

Also, if I can give a little advice, there isn’t really a lot we can go on right now to help steer you? What type of help are you looking for? Perhaps you could give us descriptions of your characters and tell us what aspects you’re concerned about getting right or what further information you’re looking for specifically, because right now it’s a little hard to really offer much helpful guidance.

Tysm! And I will list it later. Thanks again! (Sorry currently at pool and it’s easier to type on computer)

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