Needing small and large cover art ♥

Hello everyone, i’m in need for some cover art for my story The Other Side
It’s in limelight. it’s a romantic drama.
Here are the descriptions for the character i want on the small cover
Esme (face)
Neutral 02
Arched Natural - Deep Brown
Wavy Side Curls - Medium Brown
Female Generic - Hazel Dark
Heart Soft
Defined Natural
Full round pouty - Pink Beige Matte

Esme (body)
Wedge saddle laces suede tan
Loose gauge sweater side slot cotton cream
Side stitched button up Jean’s denim blue denim

Emilia (face)
Neutral 03
Arched Natural - Deep Brown
Long Feathered Bangs Blunt - Platinum White
Generic Female - Ice Blue
Heart Soft
Defined Natural
Full round pouty - Red Deep Matte

Emilia (body)
Aiko crop top cotton neutral black
Starry choker black gold
Cat suit studded pants pleather grey red black
Belted open jacket leather grey black
Cut out Chelsea boots leather black

Karma (face)
Neutral 03
Arched Natural - Dark Brown
Straight Medium - Dirty Blonde
Angular Slender - Ice Blue
Square Defined
Defined Natural
Full heart pouty - Rose medium nude matte

Karma (body)
Vintage halter cotton neutral black
Belted waist high skirt cotton grey black
Lace Cape stiletto heels leather grey black

Sawyer (face)
Gold 02
Arched Natural Scar - Black Dark
Bouffant Long Wavy - Black Dark
Deepset Almond - Brown Black
Round Button
Full heart pouty - rose medium nude matte

Sawyer (body)
A collar a line cotton orange apricot
Ballet flats leather black

Kiernan (face)
Neutral 02
Round Medium - Dark Brown
Messy Undercut - Dark Brown
Male Generic - Blue Deep
Square Defined
Straight Flat
Medium heart - fair neutral matte

Kiernan (body)
Sleeves swoopneck neutral black
Chelsea ankle boots pull tan leather grey black
Jean’s denim warm grey dark

Esme & Emilia should be in front
and the other two in the background
I have some poses ready just in case, i just picked some random ones

Thanks in advance :heart: