Needing Some Art

I’m looking for some artists’ to make me a small cover, large cover, splash with the main characters on it, splash with me on it. So yeah if you want to do any of these, please message me and I’ll send the details. Thank you! :grin:

@Miss.Chole.Episode I can do it

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Hi, which ones/one would you like to do?

I can do large cover

Alright I will DM you the details :slight_smile:

I think you mean PM

Yea soz :joy:

Hi there, if you still need some help with the other things you needed you can check out our art shop and see our examples, make a request and we can add you to our list :grinning:


I still do actually will definitely request! :slight_smile:

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Okay sweetie :slight_smile:

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