Needing some help with coding multiple overlays into my story

I’m trying to add multiple desks into my story but I’m struggling to do so, can’t figure out how. Can anyone help?

Okay, are you trying to create multiples of one overlay or just have a bunch of overlays on screen at one time?

Multiples of one overlay

If your issue is the code to create duplicates:
@ or &overlay NAME_2 create from NAME and overlay NAME_2 opacity 1

^^adding the “and overlay NAME_2 opacity 1” is so that the overlay creates and is visible immediately with the create command.

I prefer using & for most overlay code. Unless I specifically need an overlay to move and nothing else, I almost always use &.
Edit: Adding that you can re-use this code as many times as you like, just change “NAME_2” to “NAME_3” and so on for each new overlay copy. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

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No problem :slight_smile: Good luck with your story :slight_smile:

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