Needing some help would love to make friends and co-write

Hi my name is Ashley but my friends call me Orla, I am looking for some help with my story and don’t mind helping as well. I am writing a story called Taming Fire. I would love to make new friends and co-write with some people. I am needing help I am stuck and don’t know what I’m doing wrong. It wont let me preview it and the people aren’t lining up. thank you for your time.


I will, I’m only up for directing though, however, I might need sometimes because I’ll have to change possible accounts and that means I cannot continue my story, but I would LOVE to!

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Thank you so much I’m having a hard time at this. I am new and trying my best, It wont let me preview it to see what went wrong. I am really thankful for your help. I am not so good at directing and I am willing to help out as well.

I’m up for a bit of co-writing if I can. I mainly do character designs although while I’m not a professional I can help with directing your story. Anyway I love the idea if the spot is still open!!!

That’s ok I’m not a professional as well. I would love some help. I am looking to make new friends and use some help with the story in anyway I can and looking for a co-writer. It is still open!!! :slight_smile:

I’m so up for that if you are.:innocent:

I am! Thank you so much! I am going to message you back

ill just pm you from now on bcs its getting a bit confusing

Ok cool

i am new to episode and really don’t know about writing coding at all would really you some help i have amazing plot in mind if you ARE willing to write and code with me i will be a good experience and we could really do great :blush: :heart:



Hello there! Can i join the group too?:grin:

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Im writing my first story and i want looking for someone who can have a look in my story and say if its good or bad. Is there anyone who can help me?


I can help, can you PM me?

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Hi Skyler! Thank you very much for helping. Sorry but im very stupid. But what is PM?

Pm is private message

Thank you

Hi Sky! Where can i PM you?

If you click on you’re profile and then the little message thing that should be PM. But if you mean on here or insta I don’t have insta so on here. (Sorry, I’m slow)

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Thanks. I will message you then. Im slow to:joy:

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