Needs a background urgent!

Hello episodians! I need a background please really quickly! tysm!

What do you want in it?

Yes thanks

I am not done btw lool

there is nothing on it


I am going to send the rest pls wait.

take your time

Background: Image result for black

Text: Burning Roses/Red Color like a pinkish red. Please put burning on the top of roses in the center of the background. Also put a rose on the beginning of the b in burning and make the b capital please and a rose on the g of burning.

Thats all thank you so much if you can do this! :slight_smile:

Oh and by the way make the size 640 x 1136

So do you think you can do the request?

I hate to keep asking but are you gonna make the background or… :rofl: @Hannah_minna

ooh yeah it’s just i am a little unsure if you want me to draw art ore edit it together

What do u mean?

Like I just want you to put some words and roses on a black background lol

For realz? I’m not sure If Hannah is going to or… lol

But I’d love to see what you both can do. And I’ll just use both in different scenes :slight_smile:

So you gonna make it or what @bossyroxy411 and/or Hannah, because honestly I need it really quickly.

But didn’t you need that where there where a girl in the door and the rain and all that?

how do you want the rose petals?

Rain? Girl In A Door? I never asked for that lmao.