Needs for covers and intros and alll

As I revamping my 2 stories I want

  1. 2 Big Cover (1 INK and 1 LL) (in both 2 characters)
  2. 2 Small Cover (1 INK and 1 LL) (in both 2 characters)
  3. 1 story contains sound (1 INK) (1 character)
  4. 1 thank for reading (1 INK) (1 character)
    If anyone interested then please contact…
    And yes, Credit will be given on IG as well as in the story every time it occurs.
    Thank you in advance.
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Do you still need it?
Some of my work.

Cover and Splash

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hi if you still need help I could do the splashes, 3 and 4

You can do the covers of 1 small cover ink and 1 big cover ink…is that okay?

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splashes in ink is that okay?

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Yes! I could draw the characters, if it’s okay can the body be waist and up or like thigh and up, bc my full-body edits are not that great

Hi, if you have some free time, could you make some large cover for me please?

Yes I could just go to Shana Ravi’s and Leah’s art thread and fill out a form. Or request from her.

Thank You guys for the responses but unfortunately…I don’t want intros and covers now so…I want to close this @Sydney_H or @Jeremy Please close this. And If I want covers or intro I will request in your art shopes…Thank you and sorry


Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: