Needs some brutal and honest feedbacks on my first edit

Hey janiah here,

So I been doing edits for a week now

I took about a week to actually do this cause I was trying to process on using ibis paint X and getting it perfect and trying out new technics along the way

Here it is and I would love if you could leave some feedbacks on how I could emend and enhance in this

Thank you

~Love Janiah :rose:


It’s really great but I’m just not loving the hair texture. use some wavy lines? I’m not an artist but that’s the only thing I don’t like.

The eyes look stunning though :smile:

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This is really nice. I also just downloaded ibis pint X on my phone but I don’t know what to do with some of the tools :joy:

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Which pen/ brush did you use for the outline?

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Oh ok thank you and I fixed :rose:

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I use dip pen

My bestfriend told me to use it and she has been using it for a year now and she’s very talented :rose:


Your outline is good, the lines aren’t all shaky which is great.
I agree about the hair, there needs to be some texturing. Try adding the texture by using a just slightly lighter colour and a brush that gives the texture of hair (Oil (hair), Round Brush (Real) or you could use dip pen (Hard)).
The eyelashes are a little bit too thick and point too straight upwards. They need to be thinner and veer off to the sides with a faded ending.
I would add a little bit of shading around the eyes but that’s a personal preference.

But to be honest, I think it looks great. Take your time to find your perfect drawing style and you’ll be an amazing editor :+1:

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Thank you for the tips :rose:

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