NEEED a artist to make special Art scenes

Hi x im writing a new story and am looking for artists to make 3 art scenes for me. They are very specific and have 2 different styles. Episode art for one scene and digital art for the other 2. the information is down below and appreciate those who do it and am grateful that they’ve took the time to do this.

digital art

for those who don’t know what this is it is like this:
(this is just an example)
scene 1: what i’m after is two people, boy and girl in this position:

scene 2: the same girl and boy lying in bed like this:
(except the girl and boy are looking at each other and he cups her face)

extra details: upper half only if possible, if not don’t worry about it

episode art

For those who don’t know it looks like this:
would like the two characters in this pose: image

extra details: you can change the girls clothes if you like i honestly don’t mind. just not the boys please!

i know that is a lot to ask and yet again i appreciate everything that the artists will do to get this done. of course credit will be given!! and i am thankful again. if you are interested please pm me
many thanks jaz x :smiley: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


thanks!! please could you tag them? x