Neeeeeeed one more piece of art!?!?!

So I need ONE MORE PIECE OF ART and i can’t find any art shops so I just did this. Don’t panic I will credit you and put you IN my story. I would LOVE a cover plz. The characters are below as you can probably see. Can the male please do the animation shown. Since there’s no more guns or stuff like that I have no clue what the female is going to do so I guess just be creative. Please make it look dangerous or dodgy in some way. DONT CARE what they wear DONT CARE what the background is, just get creative. I owe my life to the person who does this. @SkyM has done one already so thanks. I would love someone else to do another one for me PLEEEAASSEE. One more thing can it please say LOST AMOR Love ya’ll

! C2AD4D0E-60A2-4338-B8AA-B430FFC6C218|238x500


I could make you one, but you said that you already have a cover? :thinking:
You could check out my shop for examples if you want.


How does this look? :hugs: